Inauguration of the Museum

30th September 2017
Arce (FR)

The inauguration of

the Railway Museum of the Liri Valley

At less than 3 years from its birth, the Apassiferrati association is proud to announce that in only 100 days, there will be the inauguration of the Railway Museum of the Liri Valley, on September 30, in the city hall of Arce, an ancient town of Ciociaria, a few kilometers from Cassino, on the historic border of the Liri.

“It is a first, fundamental step for our association – says Paolo Silvi, president of Apassiferrati – to promote the importance and the diffusion of the historic, social and economic knowledge that is part of the territory of Arce, of the Roccasecca-Arce-Avezzano railway and of the Liri Valley.  It is a project which was made possible thanks to the support of the local institutions, first of all the city of Arce, which gave us the area.”

The museum is located in an area of more than 150  square meters, on the first floor of the historic city hall, which was once used as district court archives.  The modern and attractive showroom, projected by the associated studio Ceccaccio-Corallo of Rome, is set up alternating informative panels with showcases filled with train models, from the big O scale to the little N scale and ancient remains donated by the inhabitants of the territory who spent a lifetime on those trains.

The heart of the new museums is a big plastic model (15 square meters) in scale HO that reproduces the train station of Arce, complete with a drive simulator; there are four alternating wagons, controlled by a computer, which represent some of the most significative moments of the history of the railway line.  Four smaller plastic models (N scale) furnish more insight about some important points of the Roccasecca-Avezzano line, such as Roccasecca, Arpino, Fontana Liri and the famous helical gallery of Capistrello, one of the most important structures of the railway engineering of the first part of the nineteenth century.  All the plastic models have been built by two well-known craftsmen, who worked on them for almost a year.

A special space shows the integral version, full of emotions, of historic videos on steam engines of the 60s, running the Roccasecca-Avezzano line, made by the engineer Renato Cesa De Marchi, a specialist who has published many volumes on this theme.

For info:  Apassiferrati Association, cell. 335-7485023