Founders of the Association

The brainchild of Mr. Paolo Silvi, a graduate in engineering and a lover of model-railways from his early age , as well as an attentive connoisseur of the Lazio’s Ciociaria Region , the association was given birth thanks to the synergy provided by a group of professionals and their friends, who have been able to combine their skills with their passion for the spreading and the sharing of the culture, history, economy and social network of such a Region as part of the Italian Lazio , so rich in its history and … its old railroad .

Together with Mrs. Luisa Violo, a civil servant at the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation , and with Mr. Paolo D’Elia , a public accountant with many years of professional experience, on the 12th of December , 2014, the association was set up and did start to make its … first steps … on the rail-path !