Educational activities

The Association  “Apassiferrati”  does  want to give special attention to  the  teaching in  primary schools with  playful-educational activities related to the train and to the territory.

Such activities to include operative workshops aimed at smaller projects and other workshops for all levels of schooling , meetings for in depth analysis at associations and libraries , training courses for adults and families , senior educational opportunities for teachers, summer workshops for children , specific activities dedicated to the University and to all the organizations and associations wishing to go along on a trip with “Apassiferrati” ,  discovering the Liri Valley,  visiting  the museum ,  “in all the languages of the world” ,  for schools , migrants and foreign tourists.

Activities to which the Association pays a particular attention are concerned with the managing , coordinating and promoting educational activities aimed at  the application of the model and the scenic representation of landscapes of settings related to the railroad and its territory’s industrial development .

Particular attention in this regard will be ‘given to cooperation with schools and institutions both professional and artistic’ with university departments specialized in areas of direct interest of the Association.