Arce, the railway and the Liri Valley

The history of the territory of the Liri Valley, from the Unification of Italy to the present days, does see the railroad Avezzano-Arce-Roccasecca as a common thread that connects , as in a large tapestry, the development of the territory’s traditions, industry, transports and media.

The purpose of the Association is to aggregate the various cultural, economic, historical and social aspects of such a territory, to make them known to the younger generation, to revive their meanings and, above all, the lessons that history can deliver to those, who are able to read through the past.

Aim of the Association:

The association is a non-political, non-profit organization , which is meant to:

  • gsecure the operations , management and administration of both a cultural association and of a museum dedicated to the territory of Arce, the railroad Arce-Roccasecca-Avezzano and the Liri Valley
  • promote and implement cultural events and public debates aimed to improve the historical knowledge, as well as the social-economic awareness related to the Arce’s region , the railroad Arce-Roccasecca-Avezzano and Liri Valley
  • manage and coordinate the development of educational activities targeted to create by modelling the scenic representation of the actual landscapes of both the railroad and the industrial development of the territory.

Particular attention in this regard will be given to the envisaged cooperation with schools and other institutions , both professional and artistic, as well as university departments which do specialize in the specific areas of activities of the association , in order to encourage, organize and promote the study and the spreading of knowledge of the various , local aspects of the Liri Valley and its railroad , with cultural institutions , museums and research centres at national and international level , as well as the entering into defined agreements with public and private entities.